Social calendar #onfleek: 10 ways to find THE best art events in your local area

On fleek: adj. the quality of being perfect, or on point

In my last post, I asked about your most recent art adventures. If you had a hard time remembering the last time you made an art discovery, this post is for you!


Whether you’re interested in artist talks, concerts, live paintings, panel discussions, art exhibitions, recitals, performances, or auctions– use tips from this list to help you fill your social calendar:

1. Social media

I’ll admit, the fact that Facebook can almost always guess what I’ll “like” is a little creepy. But instead of griping about how Big Brother is invading my privacy (true story), I use the site’s suggestions and recommendations to my advantage. Having the information come to me saves me the time and energy it takes to search around for it. You can “Like” and follow accounts for artist, museums and galleries in your local area to stay in the know.

2. Magazines and newspapers

Check out the advertisements and events section of local and global newspapers both in print and online. Two of my favorites, Departures and Uptown  feature art events from all over the world.


3. Your local “city paper”

Whenever I travel to a new city, I always keep my eye out for a newspaper stand with the local arts and interests paper. These gems usually have an entire section devoted to upcoming local events of all varieties. In DC, the Washington City Paper gives me a weekly update on the city’s social and arts scene.

4. Word of mouth

Ask around! Pay attention to the types of events your friends are talking about in person and online. You may even consider sending a quick email to local friends asking what events they’re planning to attend in the near future.

5. Eventbrite is not just a portal through which you can buy tickets to events. The site also has a search tool that allows you to narrow your search for events down to a specific type, cost and/or timeframe.

6. Bulletin boards in coffee shops and restaurants

Many of my favorite coffee shops and casual restaurants lend space to display fliers and other promotional material for local events.  I used to walk right past these sometimes cluttered bulletin boards until I realized what great vehicles they are for promoting local arts events.

7. Venue calendars

When you’re near event venues (theaters, music halls, museums, galleries etc.) in your city, stop by and take a look at the calendars they often post in the window. Many places, like The Howard Theater and Busboys and Poets in DC have calendars that lists their upcoming programs, shows and exhibitions. You can also visit websites of venues that interest you.  wpid-imag1237.jpg

8. Local blogs

Right now in your area, dozens of people are using their voice to write about things that are important you. I mean it! Many of the things you’re looking to read about are being written about as I type. If you’re interested in art, try finding bloggers who are also interested… we’re out here! Don’t believe me? Try a quick Google search for blogs about the arts in your area.

9. Mailers

As  a kid, I LOVED getting envelopes with my name in the mail. As an adult, not so much! Nowadays, my mailbox is mostly full of bills (ha!). But being the responsible adult that I (sometimes) am,  I am pleasantly surprised when I get a postcard or brochure announcing upcoming shows at a local theaters and other art venues. They’re welcomed pieces of creative, well-designed (and free) art landing at my doorstep.


10. Gallery and museum listservs

Many arts institutions send out regular newsletters and/or bulletins that keep you in the know of their upcoming events. One of my favs is the monthly newsletters from Arena Stage and the National Museum of Art. And if the emails start to clog your inbox, the “unsubscribe” button quickly stops the flow of unwanted email traffic.


So there you have it! My top 10 ways to stay informed on the art scene here in DC that you can copy in your own local area.

How do you keep up with the arts in your area? Let me know in the comments below.

I’d also love to hear about events you find using any of these outlets… SHARE in the comments!



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